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streamnow Split (2017) Full Movie subtitled in German
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MessagePosté le: 24/01/2017 10:14:38    Sujet du message: streamnow Split (2017) Full Movie subtitled in German Répondre en citant

streamnow Split (2017) Full Movie subtitled in German

Release : 2017-01-19 Runtime : 116 min. Genre : Drama, Horror, Thriller Production : Universal Pictures, Blumhouse Productions, Blinding Edge Pictures Cast : James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy, Haley Lu Richardson, Jessica Sula, Betty Buckley, Brad William Henke, Sebastian Arcelus, Neal Huff, Kim Director, Lyne Renee, Maria Breyman, Peter Patrikios, Steven Dennis, Jon Douglas Rainey, Jalina Mercado, Matthew Nadu, Kash Goins, James Robinson Jr., Nakia Dillard, Roy James Wilson, John Jillard Sr., John Mitchell, Andrea Havens, Barbara Edwards, Robert Bizik, Matthew Bowerman, Julie Potter, Kelly Werkheiser, Junnie Lopez, Shawn Gonzalez, Aleksandra Svetlichnaya, Michael J. Kraycik, Michelle Santiago, Corinne Costa, Colin Campbell, Michaela Bockarie, Gary Ayash, Jeff Buckner, Kerry Dutka, Vincent Riviezzo, Izzie Coffey, Ukee Washington, Bruce Willis Crew : M. Night Shyamalan, M. Night Shyamalan, Mark Bienstock, Jason Blum, Ashwin Rajan, Steven Schneider, M. Night Shyamalan, Mike Gioulakis, Luke Franco Ciarrocchi, Douglas Aibel, Mara LePere-Schloop, Jesse Rosenthal, Jennifer Engel, Dennis Madigan, Paco Delgado, Diane Dixon, Pamela Peitzman, Phillip Dawe, Matthew Shapiro, John Burton West, Nicole Agostino, Amy Lauritsen, John Rusk, Samantha Higgins, Dave Kellom, Mitchell Landsman, Nicole Reed LeFevre, Paul Maiello, Brick Mason, Susannah McCarthy, Sharon Potts, Alex Alcántara, Toño Cubillo, Rodrigo Díaz, Tod A. Maitland, Pepe Pleguezuelos, Wyatt Sprague, Javier Valdés, Jerry Yuen, Ye Zhang, Kurt Wunder, Anteneh Adamu, Richard Aponte, Tyler Lockard, Ed Mendez, Colton Miller, Jennifer Wessner, Stephen Izzi, Manny Siverio, Thomas Devine, Andy Hensler, Linda Kallerus, Michael Leonard, Ryan 'Sparks' Lynch, Ken McCallum, James McCanne, Daniel Rieser, Kyle Rudolph, Leon Sanginiti, Jon Sibert, Diane Heery, Colleen Kay, Jason Loftus, Wendy Michelle Hou Vote Average: 6.3 Count: 72 Overview : Though Kevin has evidenced 23 personalities to his trusted psychiatrist, Dr. Fletcher, there remains one still submerged who is set to materialize and dominate all the others. Compelled to abduct three teenage girls led by the willful, observant Casey, Kevin reaches a war for survival among all of those contained within him—as well as everyone around him—as the walls between his compartments shatter apart. Keyword : kidnapping, multiple personality

DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/2hq7uZK
WATCH: http://tinyurl.com/jr8wf4u

The movie is really two separate movies thrown together, with the first half being the traditional slasher film and the second being the riveting MNS thriller.

First 1/2- There are so many instances where you are screaming at the abducted girls to be more intelligent with their getaway. You will find yourself screaming.... A. "Why have you not noticed the man sitting in the driver's seat of your family car is not apart of your family?" B. "Why do you react to slowly and calmly when you realize the previously stated even is taking place?" C. "Why does it take you almost a full minute to pick up your chair and hit the psycho in the head with it?" D. "Why do you hit him in the shoulder with the chair when common sense tells you to hit him square in the head?" etc.

Also, there is this strange sexual nature that is mentioned about the killer that never gets fully discussed. The quasi rape scene at the beginning leads to the Dr. saying the killer has a thing for women dancing naked, but this is never really needed in the story. This psycho-sexual fantasy he has is never revealed to be his original traumatic event, his motive to his actions, or even mentioned after the first half of the movie. Other than being used to scare the pee out of younger women (immoral pun) who fear sexual assault in our overly-sexually western society, this aspect to the killers psyche is irrelevant to the plot of the story.

Second 1/2- This part of the film was great. Finding the uncomfortable line between reality and fantasy, MNS explores the possibility of superhuman capabilities that can be manifested through the mind when pushed to it's extreme limitations. Watching the movie, viewers find themselves wondering (alongside some of the characters) if there will be a supernatural manifestation. Very entertaining!

Final Thought: Skip the first half, and just know that three girls get abducted by a man with DID and the psychologist that sees the abductor is suspicious that the personality she is meeting with is not the identity being portrayed. Pay close attention to the second. It's good.
Even though I have no regrets watching this movie, I found it - to put it bluntly- well, 'meh.' That being said, I don't mean to discredit McAvoy for his role as Kevin and the few other personalities. It is absolutely worth mentioning that he delivered each character very well. Unfortunately, McAvoys outstanding deliverance is probably the best thing, this movie has to offer. The films misses at many points, that it left me wondering what it actually wanted from us.

Except from Kevin and the 7 out of 23 personalities you are REALLY about to see, the other characters faded to the background. Casey (Taylor-Joy) and Dr. Fletcher (Buckley), the two other main roles of the movie, left a bit... uninteresting? While Casey has a backstory, that added hardly anything to the main situation, Dr. Fletcher maintains a weird relationship with her patient to discover Kevins extraordinary abilities, which remain undiscovered at the end of the movie. I wish the writers focused more on the different personalities and how the girls interacted with those. How Casey, for example, is able to deal with them differently, because of the information in the backstory (her past remained in this case unnecessary, in my opinion). Instead, Kevins disorder is turned into the freak-factor of this movie. His illness is disturbing, but not really shocking. It could have been much more.

'Split' is an average horror-thriller movie, which does not belong to Shyamalans worst work, or his best. The plot is very predictable and won't leave you surprised. Still, it is not a bad movie and worth to watch, because of the great acting jobs of McAvoy, Taylor-Joy and Buckley.
I just returned from a viewing of Split and I am a tad bit disappointed to say the least. As I am sure many other went into this movie, I myself was expecting the classic Shyamalan 'twist'. Instead, we got a 2 hour movie that fell short of the thrills, and realistically only built up to this ending everyone is so excited about. Let it be known that Split doesn't actually have a twist like you would normally expect. In The Sixth Sense we learned that Bruce Willis' character was actually dead the whole time. In The Visit, we learned that the grandparents weren't actually the real grandparents. In The Village, it was eventually revealed that this entire film was actually taking part in modern times. It was these twists in the film that really made me enjoy each and every single Shyamalan film (maybe except The Happening). So I was ecstatic going into Split after seeing the praise and great ratings this film was getting. I am not saying this film is HORRIBLE, I am saying it was extremely disappointing. I will say that James McAvoy really killed this role and was extremely enjoyable to watch throughout. The movie itself wasn't really thrilling to me by any means. The whole film built up to this "Beast" idea. We do actually get to see this beast! McAvoy literally transformed into this character that was untouchable, fast, and strong among many other things. The "twist", however, is by far the most disappointing thing. At the very end of the film after we see "Split" pop up on the screen, we are then panned to a scene at a diner. In this diner is where we discover that Bruce Willis reprises his role from Unbreakable (which is also a Shyamalan film). This is where I am annoyed immensely from this film. For someone like me, I have never had the chance of seeing Unbreakable, so what does this ending mean to me? I had to do some research to try and understand the meaning of Bruce Willis saying "Mr. Glass" before the end credits popped up. I am certain that the viewers who had the chance to see Unbreakable were very excited to see this scene. Though, to me, it meant absolutely nothing. The film wasn't horrible, it was disappointing.
M. Night is alive & kicking & has come out with a tense thriller with just a tad of horror added for good measure. James McAvoy was amazing playing a man, Kevin with 23 different personalities who kidnaps 3 young ladies & keeps them locked up. Most of his personalities appear to be harmless. One personality, Hedwig, is funny as hell & I was amazed at how effortlessly McAvoy transitioned from a funny 9 year old to a gay designed to a menacing control freak & was totally believable as every personality he portrayed.

Hayley Lu Richardson was great as one of the kidnapped girls & I especially loved the flashbacks showing her character as a small girl. Betty Buckley was terrific as Kevin's psychiatrist & her interactions with several of Kevin's personalities were well written & helped to clarify who was who in Kevin's mind.

Without giving too much away, the tension builds to a crescendo when we find out that there is a possible 24th personality emerging in Kevin which brings the horror aspect of this film up front & center.

The ending is satisfying with a cool final scene with a totally different but very well known actor showing up. I loved it! M. Night comes back with a very satisfying thriller which I highly recommend. James McAvoy was 100% amazing!
Just to reiterate, Shyamalan has not impressed me with his most recent works. I went into 'Split' very interested in the material presented in the trailer and especially with how McAvoy was going to approach a character with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), but regardless, I had very low expectations. Upon finishing my viewing of 'Split', I was incredibly impressed and satisfied with the film. Shyamalan (finally) delivered a film up to par with his classic works. I felt immersed in the story of 'Split', and that is strongly due to James McAvoy's performance, hands down. James plays a man with twenty-three different personalities. Within the film, we see him actively portray nine of them and some were even coexisting one after the other. It was simply astounding to witness him play this role. I truly felt I was watching a different actor each time until returning to the fact that this was still THE James McAvoy... Beyond the endless praise I could deliver for James, outshined but not to be forgotten, Anya Taylor-Joy remains to be one of my favorite newer actresses to hit the silver screen. Her character of Casey had a wide range of depth to her and was interesting to see develop... the story, as previously stated, is very well-done and immersive from start to finish... One only gripe I had with the film was that it seemed to lull for just a couple moments but it was hardly anything to alter my feel for the film.

Shyamalan has come back with the fire. 'Split' is a sight to see and one I could watch over and over again. I hope to see Shyamalan continue this upward run and, as we have all come to expect and know of the director; lookout for a twist!

-- Oberrated --

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